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Make the world most delisios Ceviche from Ecuador.

bollo pinit
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Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 40 min Cook Time 50 min Total Time 1 hr 30 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Summer


Make the world most delisios Ceviche from Ecuador.




  1. Cut 1 red onion julienne style, press 8 limons.

    Put the onion together with the juice of the limon in a plastic or glass container and add 1/4 tbs of salt and pepper.

    Add 4 drops of olive oil.

  2. Test

sidedishes Option 1 Plantain

  1. Peel the plantain and cut it into smal slices

  2. Bake the rice on 2 sides in some oil until golden brown.

sidedishes Option 2 Rice

  1. Cook the Rice

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4

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